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March 6, 2010
CSTA Office, Sacramento

Attendance and Quorum
The following board members were present: Jeff Bradbury, Deb Farkas, Michelle
French, Dean Gilbert, Rick Pomeroy, Sue Pritchard, Donna Ross, Greg Schultz, Marian Murphy-Shaw, Tim Williamson, Valerie Joyner, Karen Withey-Smith, and Heather Marshall. A quorum was present. Also in attendance was executive director Christine Bertrand. Tim Williamson served as chair, and Marian Murphy-Shaw served as secretary.

The chair called the meeting to order at 9:47 a.m. and announced that the meeting was
held pursuant to written notice to all members of the Board of Directors of the corporation. A copy of the notice was ordered entered into the minutes book following the minutes of the meeting.

Approval of Agenda
The agenda was amended and approved as amended

Approval of Minutes
Rick Pomeroy moved to approve the minutes of the December 5, 2009 board meeting; seconded by Dean Gilbert. Motion carried.

2010 Science Education Conference
Rick Pomeroy reported that the change in the conference schedule to a Friday through Sunday schedule approved by the board at its December meeting has been implemented. He reported that there are still plenty of sponsorship opportunities open and that previous years’ sponsors will be contacted for contributions for this year.

Rick noted the need for a speaker for the Friday general session and suggested that the board consider having a business meeting that engages and informs the full membership. He suggested that the Payne Scholars could be required to attend so they could interact with the CSTA leadership. The board discussed potential speakers, combining a speaker with more meeting time, having leaders in education, and national standards. Rick reminded the board that timing is an issue, with the registration brochure publication deadline next week. The board indicated its preference that the committee continue to find a speaker for the general session.
Rick reported that the committee still needs a presenter for the 6-hour mini-university on evolution for elementary teachers and asked board members to send recommendations for a presenter to him. He reported that the committee has received interest from several organizations to hold meetings on the Thursday prior to the conference, including the California Science Project, Cornell Bird Lab, and the American Chemical Society.

Policy and Organizational Issues

Chair Tim Williamson declared a closed session at 10:17 a.m. for discussion of personnel and related budget issues.

Chair Tim Williamson resumed open session at 1:39 p.m.

Deb Farkas moved that staff research new office space for $1.25/sq ft. or less. Seconded by Heather Marshall. Greg Schultz moved to amend the motion to cap the rent at $13,000 per year. Seconded by Jeff Bradbury; amendment passed. Original motion failed.

Christine Bertrand clarified that the current lease is in place until September. The board can direct staff to research new office space and revisit this following research by staff to find cost savings. Sue Pritchard moved that the executive director and president or president’s designee negotiate a reduction in office space rent and bring options to the next board meeting. Seconded by Heather Marshall; motion carried with one abstention.

Discussion and Approval of Revised Budget, FY 2009-2010
Sue Pritchard moved to accept the revised fiscal year 2009-2010 budget as submitted, including publishing only electronic issues of the May CCS and spring journal. Seconded by Rick Pomeroy. Motion carried.

Discussion and Approval of Proposed Budget, FY 2010-2011
Sue Pritchard moved to approve the fiscal year 2010-11 budget as submitted; seconded by Rick Pomeroy. Greg Schultz moved to amend the motion to include holding the board retreat in conjunction with the conference, on Thursday, October 21; seconded by Heather Marshall. Amendment carried; main motion carried, 12-0-1.

Nominations Committee Report and Approval of Slate of Candidates
Sue Pritchard moved to accept the recommendations of the nominations committee and submit the following slate of candidates for member election to the board of directors:

for Treasurer: Karen Withey-Smith
for High School Director: Heather Marshall
for Intermediate Director: David Budai
for Region 2 Director: Eric Lewis
for Region 4 Director: Peter A’Hearn

Seconded by Jeff Bradbury; motion carried.

The board inquired about the vacancy in the 4-year college director position. Christine Bertrand explained that, as no one submitted a nomination for that position within the required timeline, the current director remains in that position, although the board could consider appointing someone to that position.

Sue Pritchard moved to maintain Donna Ross in the 4-year college director position for the 2010-2012 term. Heather Marshall seconded. Christine reminded the board that a motion is not needed as the CSTA bylaws and the California Corporations Code state that a director holds office “until the expiration of the term for which elected and until a successor has been elected and qualified.” Sue Pritchard withdrew the motion and stated that Donna Ross will continue in the position of 4-year college director with the gratitude of the board.

Resolution on Electronic Communications
Christine Bertrand indicated that, in order to communicate electronically with members, the board needs to formalize the process with a resolution and notice of consent to members. Sue Pritchard moved that the board approve the following resolution:

WHEREAS, in accordance with California Corporations Code §§ 20 and 5079, the California Science Teachers Association desires to authorize electronic transmission of corporate information including election information and ballots,

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the California Science Teachers Association may communicate with members electronically, at the email address, facsimile number, social network address, or other electronic address provided by the member and that the Notice of Consent to Electronic Communications, below, shall be made available to members.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, in accordance with California Corporations Code § 20, members will be apprised if the communication is available to them in non-electronic format and how to revoke their consent to be communicated with electronically.

Notice of Consent to Electronic Communications

I consent to receive electronic communications from the California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) through email, facsimile, social network address, or other electronic address I’ve provided the Association and understand that my consent may be revoked at my discretion by notifying CSTA at 3800 Watt Ave., Ste. 100, Sacramento, CA 95821.

Dean Gilbert seconded; motion carried.

Membership Committee Recommendations
Dean Gilbert thanked the members of the membership committee and reported that the membership incentives approved at the last board meeting have been implemented. Dean presented recommendations to the board and moved that the board:

establish an e-mentoring program to provide personal assistance to new teachers and/or new members, whereby board members would volunteer to mentor colleagues on questions they pose, using whatever electronic format is most accessible to the mentor (email, Facebook, Twitter, telephone, etc.). Board members may sign up for areas of expertise (e.g., classroom management, inquiry, assertive discipline, high school biology, etc.), and the list of board member mentors, their email or contact information, and areas of expertise would be posted on the new teacher portal on the CSTA website.

Seconded by Jeff Bradbury. It was clarified that board involvement was voluntary. Greg Schultz moved to amend the motion to include wording that designees of board members may volunteer as mentors. Amendment accepted by Dean and Jeff; motion carried.

Dean Gilbert moved that the board

establish a new teacher portal on the CSTA website that would host a variety of resources supporting beginning science teachers. These resources will be obtained through two different means: (i) Publishers/vendors would be invited to provide a specific number of beginning science teacher support resources that adhere to selection screening criteria developed by the publications committee, approved by the board, and published on the CSTA website; and (ii) board members voluntarily submit exemplary activities that support beginning science teachers and which also adhere to the same selection screening criteria for publishers and vendors. Resources will be organized into overarching themes (i.e. classroom management, inquiry, first-week lesson planning, etc.).

Seconded by Valerie Joyner. Sue Pritchard moved to amend the motion to include that resources be evaluated by the publications committee using its existing criteria, and that designees of board members be allowed to submit resources. Seconded by Deb Farkas; motion and amendment carried.

Legislative Update
Christine Bertrand referred to her written report in the board packet and added that California had been eliminated from the running for the first round of Race to the Top money. She reported that legislation had just been introduced that would reinstate the science framework development, to be approved in 2011, and that would reinstate the textbook adoption schedule beginning in 2011, with science materials scheduled to be adopted in 2016.

Document Retention Policy
Christine Bertrand indicated that the IRS had instituted new reporting requirements for tax-exempt organizations, and it is recommended that the association adopt a document retention policy. Sue Pritchard moved to approve the document retention policy as proposed; seconded by Rick Pomeroy. Motion carried.

Resolution Regarding 401(k) Plan
Christine Bertrand reported that changes had been made to the guidelines covering retirement plans and that plan administrators were required to pass a resolution stating that they will adhere to the new requirements. Sue Pritchard moved to accept the Organization Resolution
Authorizing Amendment to the Company-Sponsored Retirement Plan as presented; seconded by Jeff Bradbury. Motion carried.

CalESTA Petition
Christine Bertrand reported that the newly-formed California Earth Science Teachers Association is circulating a petition to the University of California urging that earth science be included as a course fulfilling the “d” lab science requirement for UC admissions; CalESTA would like CSTA to sign onto the petition. Discussion that CSTA has a long-term commitment to this issue and that we have support for this in our existing policy, but that we decline to sign onto this petition. It was noted that individual board members can sign but that they may sign only as individuals, not as a representative of CSTA.

State Parks Initiative
Christine Bertrand presented a request to endorse a ballot initiative that would increase vehicle registration fees to go to state parks. The board declined to endorse the initiative, stating that, in this budget climate, there are many critical causes that need more funding.

International Science and Engineering Fair
Dean Gilbert reported that Los Angeles will host the 2011 International Science Fair, underwritten by Intel. He indicated that this would be an opportunity for CSTA to have a presence, involve members and higher ed partners, and promote California science. He indicated that he will compile and share with Christine how he thinks California educators and volunteers can participate. Dean asked for suggestions for what CSTA can do to be highly visible. Suggestions included: Invite participating schools’ teachers and students to present at the conference in a Saturday poster session; relate to STEM, including science teaching; relate to membership, that it is more than a project, it is a career path; have Intel t-shirts printed with “STEM Starts in Kindergarten.” Dean will pursue an option to request funds from Intel.

Online Banking
Christine Bertrand presented a proposal that office staff begin using online banking for payment of bills to alleviate sending checks for signature to the treasurer. She indicated that internal control issues need to be addressed. Greg Schultz recommended that staff work with our bank directly to set up an internal control mechanism.

NSTA Donation Request
Tim Williamson presented a request from NSTA to donate money to support the John Glenn Science Center. Dean Gilbert moved that

CSTA donate $250 to NSTA to support the John Glenn Science Center.

Seconded by Donna Ross; motion carried.

Marketing/Online Workshops
Dean Gilbert presented a proposal from a company that produces virtual events from real-time conferences and meeting, video taping sessions and exhibitors and streaming them online for people who were either unable to attend the event or who would like to revisit a session or vendor they saw at the event. Dean indicated that the base price for such a service is $19,500 for a fixed number of sessions. The board indicated they would be interested in learning more but that outside funding would need to be obtained to do this. Dean indicated he will contact the company and have someone make a presentation to the board at the June meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
Greg Schultz reported that the cash reserve is at its lowest level since 1997.

Directors’ Reports
Valerie Joyner reported that she is just getting to know region 1.
Dean Gilbert suggested that for the next fiscal year, the board consider a marketing sub-committee for outreach. Heather Marshall expressed interest in doing this.
Jeff Bradbury reported on his attendance at the Association for Science Teacher Education conference, which was very well done.
Marian Murphy-Shaw reported on her Career-Technical Education contacts at JSPAC (joint Special Population Advisory Committee) and is looking forward to working with CSTA.

Other Business
Format/Location of June 5 Board Meeting
Tim Williamson indicated that the June meeting has traditionally been the opportunity to say thanks to outgoing board members and welcome new board members, but with costs a concern, it might be prudent to hold the meeting via teleconference. Consensus was that the June meeting be held in person as the face-to-face meeting was helpful for new members. It was suggested that, as the board retreat will be in October, the September meeting be held via teleconference or video conference on September 11.

Next Board of Directors Meetings:

June 5, 2010 location TBD
September 11, 2010 via tele- or video conference
October 21, 2010 board retreat in Sacramento

Meeting adjourned at 3:12 p.m.