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March 7, 2009
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Attendance and Quorum
The following board members were present: Jeff Bradbury, Margaret Burke, Deborah Farkas, Dean Gilbert, Jim Jones, Heather Marshall, Rick Pomeroy, Susan Pritchard, Donna Ross, Greg Schultz, Diana Takenaga, Jenny Wade, Don Whisman, Tim Williamson, and Karen Withey-Smith. A quorum was present. Also in attendance were executive director Christine Bertrand, program manager Jessica Lewis, and administrative coordinator Connie Morrill. Sue Pritchard served as Chair, and Jenny Wade served as Secretary. Jessica Lewis served as secretary until Jenny Wade arrived at 9:45 a.m.

Chris Andrews of the California Academy of Sciences welcomed the board, noting that the Academy had recorded their one millionth visitor this month.

The Chair called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. and announced that the meeting was held pursuant to written notice to all members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation. A copy of the notice was ordered entered into the minutes book following the minutes of the meeting.

Approval of Agenda
The agenda was amended and approved as amended.

Approval of Minutes
Meg Burke moved to approve the minutes of the December 6, 2008 meeting; seconded by Donna Ross. Motion carried.

Old Business
Grants Committee
Deb Farkas recapped the recent work of the committee and reported that the committee had drafted a solicitation letter to approach foundations for funding, but that the board suggested that that might not be the most effective way to secure funding. It was also suggested that the focus of the grants may not be the most important and that we might consider a new teacher or mini-grant focus. The board suggested having the grants committee work on a new focus for the grants at the retreat.

Policy on STEM
Dean Gilbert presented a draft CSTA Policy Statement on STEM. Suggestions were made for refining the statement. Dean moved that

the board adopt the following STEM position statement:

CSTA Position Statement on STEM Career Pathways

The California Science Teachers Association is committed to supporting and advocating for initiatives that enhance quality science teaching and the preparation of a literate and diverse workforce in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

CSTA urges:

• legislation and other initiatives that encourage individuals to pursue careers teaching science, engineering, technology, and mathematics subjects.

• state education policy makers to create multiple pathways for preparing students of all ages to pursue STEM careers.

• the development of effective curricula and pedagogy that appropriately integrate science and career technical skills.

• opportunities for teachers of STEM subjects to work with businesses and industry to gain practical understanding of the application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in real-world settings.

• the development of incentives that would encourage teachers of STEM subjects to remain in teaching rather than pursue careers outside of education.

• the inclusion of a definition and the importance of STEM career pathways as an integral part of the California science framework.

Motion seconded by Deb Farkas; motion carried.

Zack Taylor Award
Dean Gilbert presented a request from Kathy Comfort that the board consider presenting a posthumous annual award in honor of Zack Taylor for his work for CSTA and science education in California. Dean moved that

the Awards Committee add as a perpetual annual award, the Zack Taylor Award and that no more than $100/year be allocated to procure a plaque. The Awards Committee to detail the criteria for the award.

Motion seconded by Rick Pomeroy. Motion failed. Dean requested that the Awards Committee consider other ways that Zack might be honored posthumously and report back to the board in June.

2009 Science Education Conference
Jim Jones reported on the progress of the conference planning, sponsorships, and exhibitors.

2012 Science Education Conference Site Selection
Christine Bertrand provided options for possible sites for the 2012 conference. The usual rotation would put us in San Jose for 2012, and that is the venue recommended by staff. Christine reminded the board that 2012 will be an adoption year. Don Whisman moved, and Greg Schultz seconded, that

the 2012 Science Education Conference be held in San Jose.

Motion carried.

Policy and Organizational Issues
Discussion and Approval of Revised Budget FY 2008-2009
Treasurer Greg Schultz presented the proposed revised budget for fiscal year 2008-2009 and commented that the revenue was lower than expected, primarily due to the lower than expected attendance at the 2008 Science Education Conference. Rick Pomeroy moved, and Tim Williamson seconded, that

the board approve the revised budget for 2008-2009.

Motion carried. Kudos were offered to the committee for its work in this effort.
Discussion took place regarding the expense of production and distribution of California Classroom Science, and the suggestion was made that perhaps a better distribution would be to send it to teacher education programs rather than for free to teachers. Deb Farkas suggested that a sticker be placed on CCS the first issue of the year, inviting people to join CSTA.

Discussion and Approval of Proposed Budget FY 2009-2010
Treasurer Greg Schultz presented the proposed budget for fiscal year 2009-2010 and pointed out the 16-year budget history that was included in the board packet. Rick Pomeroy moved, and Jeff Bradbury seconded, that

the board adopt the proposed FY 2009-2010 budget.

Discussion took place on ways to reduce the cost of the annual board retreat and reduce the cost of the annual board elections by conducting the balloting online rather than by mail. Discussion took place about how important California Classroom Science is to attracting and keeping members and the effectiveness of eliminating the Friday night board retreat. Rick withdrew his motion. Meg Burke moved, and Bill Straits seconded, that

the FY 2009-2010 budget be adopted, leaving the final details of the board retreat to the budget committee.

Motion withdrawn. Tim Williamson moved, and Don Whisman seconded, that

the board adopt the FY 2009-2010 budget, adding the board retreat Friday night back in and finding offset savings elsewhere.

Motion carried.

Jeff Bradbury moved, and Dean Gilbert seconded, that

the board establish a committee to investigate new marketing ideas for CSTA.

Motion carried. Sue Pritchard appointed Dean Gilbert, Jeff Bradbury, and Deb Farkas to serve on the committee; Dean will serve as chair.

Nominations Committee Report and Approval of Slate of Candidates
Sue Pritchard presented the report and recommendations of the Nominations Committee of candidates for election. The committee moved, and Tim Williamson seconded, to approve the following slate of candidates to stand for election to the board:

for President-Elect: Ron Hughes
Rick Pomeroy

for Secretary: Marian Murphy-Shaw

for Middle School Director: Bonny Ralston
Don Whisman

for Primary Director: Michelle French

for Informal Science Director: Meg Burke

for Region 3 Director: Debbie Bereki
Dean Gilbert

Motion carried. Sue thanked the committee.

Legislative Update
Christine Bertrand provided a handout with updated information on legislation.

CABAP Project
Tim Williamson reported that CSTA has been requested by the CISC science subcommittee to consider taking over the administration of CABAP (California Building a Presence for Science), which is currently administered by Art Sussman at WestEd and consists of a 6000-person email list to which information is periodically sent. Christine Bertrand reported that the CABAP database is owned by NSTA and that there is no funding available from NSTA to continue administering CABAP. She explained that sending out periodic messages is not difficult or time-consuming, but that the original goal of maintaining a contact in every school in the state and finding new addresses for people who have dropped out of the system is time-consuming and would require funding, in the neighborhood of $5000/year. Dean Gilbert moved, and Heather Marshall seconded that

CSTA accept the responsibility of sustaining the current CABAP database and build on the database contingent on obtaining outside funding sources and only if the listserve is not owned by NSTA.

Motion carried with four abstentions. Heather volunteered to help should CSTA take on the responsibility.

Presentation on Environmental Education Initiative
Tim Williamson updated the board on the initiative; there will be 85 lessons in total, but only 50 or so have been written so far. He reported that the lessons will be going out for field testing by September and that all pictures have been obtained from National Geographic. Tim reported that Andrea Lewis of Cal EPAhas been appointed to guide this project and that further information will be emailed.

Proposal for ELA Materials-Science Alignment
Christine Bertrand reported on a request she received from Kathy DiRanna that the board consider taking on a project to review the adopted ELA materials and assess how well they address the science standards. The board declined to participate in this process in order to prevent any district from thinking that the ELA program is sufficient enough to address science content standards.

Appointment of 2010 Conference Chair
Tim Williamson moved, and Greg Schultz seconded, that

Rick Pomeroy be appointed chair of the 2010 Science Education Conference in Sacramento.

Motion carried.

Supporting Presidential Award
Dean Gilbert reported that a concern was raised at the CISC science meeting that few teachers were applying for the Presidential Award. Dean requested that the board consider ways that CSTA can assist in promoting the program. Meg Burke suggested that we have a poster at the CSTA booth at the conference.

President’s Report
The president’s report is attached. Sue offered thanks to Meg Burke for organizing the meeting and events today.

Treasurer’s Report and Executive Director’s Reports
Reports are in the packet.

Director’s Reports
Jeff Bradbury reported that he will be going to Tulsa for AAAS.
Deb Farkas reported that the San Mateo chapter has a conference today, and that she attended the high school summit.
Greg Schultz reported that he is teaching a class for extension to those going into teaching, that he is the newly-elected regional director for ASTE Far West Region, and that he is attending the NSTA conference.
Jim Jones reported on his work on the conference and getting more local support. He reported that he is working on the new journal on teaching critical issues, and that he will present at the CMLS conference.
Heather Marshall reported on resources on the website.
Rick Pomeroy reported on the lesson study conference in Asilomar, on the UC Davis workshops this summer, and the numerous science activities taking place. He reported that he will be presenting in Reno on data for science teachers.
Donna Ross reported on the activities taking place in San Diego for the Month of Science, March. She reported on the “Nifty Fifty”: scientists who will go out into the community, promoting science, and on the April 4 Science Festival for the public. Donna mentioned that universities in her area are interested in starting student chapters, but are intimidated by the number of events required to be held. She suggested that we may want to rethink the number of events required.
Don Whisman reported that he will be presenting next week at the CMLS conference and that the Celebrating Science event has started in San Diego.
Diana Takenaga reported on her work promoting what really good science is. She mentioned that GLATSA is restructuring and will be doing an interest survey.
Bill Straits reported on his work reaching out to two-year college individuals.
Karen Withey-Smith reported on a new course that she is offering.
Dean Gilbert reported on his work on the planning committee for the High School Summit and mentioned that organizers will create a blog to share ideas and serve as a platform for high school teachers to focus on reform. Dean reported that he has been approved to present at the CMLS workshop, and that he will be attending the two-day symposium at Beckman Center focusing on promoting elementary science education across nation.

Other Business
Dean Gilbert asked where we are in regard to chapters and ways to support chapters, and asked what are next steps in working with chapters. Christine Bertrand indicated that there was no consensus from the chapter meeting at the conference as to what chapters want from us. Dean asked that we go back to the original request from our survey.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 1:29 p.m.