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June 6, 2009
Ayres Hotel & Suites, Costa Mesa, CA


Attendance and Quorum
The following board members were present: Jeff Bradbury, Margaret Burke, Deborah Farkas, Dean Gilbert, Jim Jones, Heather Marshall, Rick Pomeroy, Susan Pritchard, Donna Ross, Greg Schultz, Bill Straits, Diana Takenaga, Jenny Wade, Tim Williamson, and Karen Withey-Smith. A quorum was present. Also in attendance were newly-elected board members Michelle French, Marian Murphy-Shaw, and Bonny Ralston, executive director Christine Bertrand, and CTA liaison Lisa Marroquin. Sue Pritchard served as Chair, and Jenny Wade served as Secretary.

The Chair called the meeting to order at 9:33 a.m. and announced that the meeting was held pursuant to written notice to all members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation. A copy of the notice was ordered entered into the minutes book following the minutes of the meeting.

Approval of Agenda
The agenda was amended and approved as amended.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the March 7, 2009 meeting were approved as amended.

Old Business
Recognition of Zack Taylor
Dean Gilbert reported that the executive/awards committee considered options for recognizing the contributions of Zack Taylor to the association and recommend dedicating the 2009 conference to Zack. Dean moved that

CSTA dedicate the 2009 California Science Education Conference to Zack Taylor, in recognition of his many contributions to CSTA.

Seconded by Jeff Bradbury; motion carried.

CABAP Project
Christine Bertrand reported that she had a conversation with Francis Eberle, NSTA executive director, to get answers to the board's questions about taking on CABAP. Christine reported that NSTA is in the process of restructuring the Building a Presence program, renaming it "Science Counts" and allowing teachers to sign up on their own without going through the state coordinators. She reported that there is no funding available to sustain the database, but that CSTA can use the database; there will be no attempt to maintain a point of contact in each school or key leaders, but that would not be discouraged if a state wanted to continue that model. The board suggested that the membership committee study this as part of a long-range plan, work on it at the retreat, and recommend a plan to address CABAP.

2009 Science Education Conference

Jim Jones reported on the work of the conference committee, reporting that the registration numbers are down in all areas. Jim described the networking activities that will occur during the conference and indicated that online registration has not been available due to a change in providers, which may be one cause of lower registrations. He indicated that the early-bird registration deadline would be extended because of this. Jim urged the board to get the word out through other organizations' websites such as the California Academy of Sciences and others.

Awards Committee Report and Approval of Nominations
Sue Pritchard announced the recommendations of the awards committee. Tim Williamson moved that

Bill Ritz be awarded the Margaret Nicholson Distinguished Service Award for 2009, and Bernice Lepowsky be awarded the Future Science Teacher Award for 2009.

Motion seconded by Diana Takenaga; motion carried.

CCS Articles and Deadlines
Christine Bertrand circulated the assignment chart for upcoming issues of California Classroom Science and asked that board members volunteer for the columns they'd like to write.

Policy and Organizational Issues
Committee Appointments
Sue Pritchard and Tim Williamson presented the recommendations for committee appointments for the coming year. Sue indicated that those who ran for office but were not elected were asked to serve on various committees in order to keep these individuals involved with CSTA. After discussion, Meg Burke moved that

the Grants Committee be dissolved and the responsibilities be delegated to other committees as needed.

Motion seconded by Greg Schultz; motion carried. Tim Williamson moved that

the committee appointments as amended without the grants committee be accepted.

Motion seconded by Donna Ross; motion carried.

Legislative Update
Christine Bertrand provided a handout with updated information and mentioned that, with regard to the framework revision, there appears to be a general misunderstanding that the standards are being revised. She advised that this misconception needs to be corrected whenever it is voiced.

Policy on Climate Change Education
Christine Bertrand reported that the Climate Change Education organization had asked for assistance in developing a policy or position statement on climate change education, as they have been approached by the undersecretary of education to develop one as a national policy. Discussion followed about environmental stewardship as a local action versus climate change education, which is more global. It was suggested that, rather than wordsmith Christine's draft, more time be devoted to deciding what our position should be.

Process to Fill Vacancies on Board
Sue Pritchard announced that two positions on the board have not yet been filled: Two-year college director and region 1 director. She indicated that the process for filling vacancies is to have board members recruit interested CSTA members and have them send a letter of interest and their resume to the CSTA office, after which the executive committee would make the recommendation of who to appoint to the positions. Sue encouraged board members to seek members to submit letters of interest and resumes and established a deadline date of June 30 to have the necessary papers to the CSTA office, so that the board could appoint the members in time for the board retreat in September.

President’s Report
Sue Pritchard distributed her report.

Treasurer's Report
Greg Schultz referred to the last page of the budget included in the board packet. He reported that we had budgeted a larger loss than we have actually experienced so far and that revenue is down in new/renewal memberships and interest. The board discussed the expense of the conference registration brochure and the possibility of mailing only a postcard that directs registrants to the website. The board discussed other opportunities to reduce the budget for the conference in order to save on expenses and requested that the treasurer and executive committee develop a conference savings plan with benchmark dates.

Executive Director’s Report

Christine Bertrand referred to her report in the board packet and added that staff expects go live this Tuesday for conference registration.

Directors’ Reports
Meg Burke reported that the AAAS Pacific Division has an annual conference August 14-19 at SFSU and that the Cal Academy is a sponsor. She also reported on her attendance at a planning meeting and that she will be a panelist on project-based learning. Meg reported on Cal Academy's launching of a program initiative on science professional development for grades 3 - 5 for 30 teachers each year; she indicated that the Academy had 84 applicants this year.
Deb Farkas reported that the Council of Math Science Educators of San Mateo County (CMSESMC) is ready to plan its fall conference and resource fair, and she will be involved. Deb reported that she is part of a focus group for the Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI).
Jenny Wade reported that all the earth science teachers have been laid off in the Stockton district and teachers have been told by administration to reduce science instruction.
Heather Marshall reported that health teachers will be teaching earth science in her district and class sizes are approximately 45; there is a concern about safety. She questioned if CSTA should have a position statement on science safety and class size.
Bill Straits reported that a gender equity and leadership conference will be held August 1-3 at the Marriott Hotel, Manhattan Beach, and that the organizers are still accepting proposals for presentations.
Jeff Bradbury said that it has been an honor to serve with CSTA; the creativity and ideas are abundant. He expressed appreciation to Dean and Sue for their leadership and thanks to Christine as executive director. He encouraged the board to determine a holistic five-year plan and focus on it.
Greg Schultz reported that he is giving a number of teacher workshops and that there will be a national math and science initiative conference on preparing teachers of science.
Jim Jones reported that he was to present at the California League of Middle Schools (CLMS) conference, but no one showed up for his session. He reported on his activities related to the CSTA conference and encouraged board members to sign up to host events.
Karen Withey-Smith reported that earth science is being pushed out in her district also, and students are being pushed toward chemistry and physics instead. She said that their virtual high school is thriving.
Tim Williamson announced that the board retreat in September will be on the Queen Mary. Local board members are asked to commute rather than stay overnight, to keep the costs down. He reported that he will represent CSTA at the National Congress of Science Education in July and will chair a committee on mandatory elementary science.
Rick Pomeroy reported on the activities in region 1, including the California Science Project in Redwood, Inland North, and Delta Sierra, Apollo 13 events, NSF summer institute at Davis on bioinformatics and biophotonics. He reported that there will be an addiction research institute also at Davis, a Climate Status Institute, and Amatis Project for supervising middle school teachers and mentoring for a three-year program. He indicated that all the events are posted on the CSTA website.
Donna Ross reported that she presented at the CLMS conference. She reported on the success of the San Diego Science Festival, held free in Balboa Park, which had 50,000 participants.
Dean Gilbert reported that he presented at the CLMS conference. He reported on a new informal science center in Downey, which will focus on space exploration and how informals can assist teachers in science education. Dean suggested that regional directors have a conference call about ways to be more active in membership recruitment and to develop a strategic plan. He reported that he is working with Laura Henriques on a grant to train master teachers to create a more consistent experience for preservice teachers.
Diana Takenaga bid farewell to the board after 12 years of service and reflected on the many changes she's seen the association go through, including the use of email and internet, policy-making, and advocacy which have led to many changes. She said that CSTA is recognized and is contacted now from Sacramento, and she feels we have accomplished a lot. Diana indicated she will still will teach preservice teachers and present for CSTA, and thanked the board for a wonderful 12 years.

Committee Reports
Laura Henriques sent a report on the CSULB student chapter.

Other Business
Thank-you gifts were given to those going off the board: Bill Straits, Jeff Bradbury, Jenny Wade, and Diana Takenaga. Tim Williamson offered congratulations and thanks to Sue Pritchard; Sue thanked everyone for their support.

Rick Pomeroy moved to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Tim Williamson. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 2:33 p.m.